We paint all frames, from retro, steel, alu to high end carbon frames! The full process from, design, sanding, degreasing, taping, applying decals, painting and final finish coat...


All high end materials (light alloy, carbon) are painted exclusively with wet paint (2K). The heating temperature is maximum 70°. We also use a overpressure spray booth to have a dust free environment.


A matte or shiny finish layer is applied in a electrostatic way.


Our collaboration with some of the mayor players in the industry ensures to stay up to date with the newest techniques and professional standards in our craft!


The design & colors are designed by our team or delivered by the customer. (vector files).


Giving the necessary advice regarding design & color, possibilities...

Our years of experience, skills & flexibility are a must.


-own logo


-professional color advice



Beside painting we can also provide complete assembled bikes


By having some stock we can assure a fast service & delivery...


-assembly & delivery

-pick up





Frank Hoste & Team.


The main activity in our company is custom painting of bicycle frames




-bike constructors



A professional support, happy customers are the key elements of our company. We paint frames for high end bike companies in the industry! 






Some of our references:


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